Case Studies​


We have a long-standing relationship with Corza, a medical holding company that offers a wide array of solutions, from wound care to ophthalmology to top of the line surgical sutures. As part of helping them craft their federal medical sales strategy, we added them to our Federal Sales Schedule (FSS) and helped them “right-size” their pricing for the federal market. As a result, they encountered significant increases in sales and revenue from federal sources.


For more than 100 years, Keeler has been bringing innovations to the field of ophthalmic devices and procedures. During their most recent seven years, Keeler has worked hand-in-hand with MellingMedical to make the most of federal health contracting opportunities. By equipping eye care professionals with the valued tools they need to deliver an accurate diagnosis and the precision instruments to conduct treatments with absolute confidence and control, Keeler is changing lives one patient at a time with the help of MellingMedical.


Optos is an example of a company who is truly meshed with MellingMedical, our strategies and vital relationships. A leading provider of devices to eye care professionals who offer a more complete approach to patient care, Optos has spent the last three decades bringing innovation to bear. The MellingMedical pathway to purchasing across the federal medical system has been a significant boost to their business and a boon to the veterans, especially those benefiting from the early detection of eye issues made possibly by their patient-friendly retinal imaging system, which produces true ultra-widefield images of the retina in a single capture.