MellingMedical and Nova Eye Medical Improving Veteran Access to Glaucoma Care

MellingMedical has signed a distribution agreement that will improve Veterans Health Administration (VHA) access to sophisticated surgical equipment designed to treat glaucoma, a condition that affects America’s veteran population at twice the rate of the population at large.

“Studies show that roughly 25% of America’s veterans suffering from ocular conditions are diagnosed with glaucoma and the accompanying loss of visual acuity,” said Chris Melling, founder, president and CEO of MellingMedical. “The men and women who served our country in uniform deserve the highest level of care, including procedures that can save or restore vision that has been diminished by this disease.”

Combining a process of viscodilation and 360º catheterization, Nova Eye’s iTrack™ system is a tissue-sparing and restorative minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) procedure that can reduce the elevated intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma in its early stages, optimizing patient outcomes while also preserving future treatment options.

Also available from Nova Eye is the Molteno3® glaucoma drainage device. Indicated for cases of severe and complex glaucoma, the Molteno3® features a patented design, which ensures consistent, long term reduction in intraocular pressure. Importantly, the Molteno3® is designed to reduce the risk of bleb fibrosis or inflammation, one of the major causes of glaucoma drainage device failure.

“Eyesight is a precious gift that can be preserved even as a patient ages,” said Tom Spurling, Director of Nova Eye Medical. “Because America’s veterans are, on average, older and more diverse than the population at large, they have a higher susceptibility to glaucoma and our equipment can help relieve the pressure that too often damages eyesight.”

About MellingMedical
MellingMedical, a CVE-Verified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), holds a Medical Equipment and Surgical Supply Schedule (Med/Surg), as well as a Pharmaceutical Schedule, and currently serves more than 165 VA Medical Centers and 300 VA Outpatient clinics, all seven (7) VA CMOPs, 95 DoD Medical Facilities and Health and Human Services (HHS), including Indian Health Services (IHS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). MellingMedical provides access to innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions in ophthalmology, optometry, urology and wound care, as well as a full range of pharmaceutical products through partnership with more than 50 recognized quality manufacturing partners. For more information on MellingMedical’s full line of medical/surgical supplies, durable medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, visit

Nova Eye Medical Limited is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and sells a portfolio of proprietary ophthalmic treatment technologies and devices. Used by eye surgeons in more than 100 countries globally, these technologies include iTrack™ minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), a consumable surgical device that restores the eye’s natural outflow pathway to lower pressure inside the eye and to eliminate patient reliance on anti-glaucoma medications for mild-moderate glaucoma. With its sales headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, Nova Eye Medical is supported by a global network of more than 50 distribution partners. For additional information about Nova Eye Medical and its technologies, please visit