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MellingMedical leverages unparalleled expertise in federal contracting and compliance to provide veterans better access to quality health care with innovative and cost-effective medical/surgical equipment, supplies and services with a specialty in ophthalmology and capital equipment.


  • Medical/Surgical Wholesale Distributor
  • Specialty with Ophthalmology and Urology
  • CVE Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Med/Surg NGEN Prime Vendor Agreements (EDI Ordering)
  • Tricare Certified
  • GSA 65IIA Med/Surg Federal Supply Schedule (V797-50471)
  • DAPA Med/Surg (SP0200-15-H-0019)
  • ECAT SPE2DH-19-D-0018


Department of Defense
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Health & Humans Services
Indian Health Service
US Army
US Navy
US Air Force
US Marine Corps
Space Force

Medical/Surgical Products


  • Swept Source OCT
  • Mydriatic Imaging Systems
  • Non-Mydriatic Imaging Systems
  • Retinal Cameras
  • Slit Lamp Imaging Systems
  • Spectral Domain/Swept Source OCT
  • TrueColor Confocal Scanner
  • Fundus Automated Perimeter
  • Confocal Microperimetry
  • Fundus Retinal Camera
  • Anterior Eye Segment Tomography
  • Corneal Topography


  • Surgical CO2/Holmium
  • Aesthetics CO2/Holmium
  • Ophthalmic YAG/CO2/Holmium

Diagnostic / Refractive

  • Dry Eye Solutions
  • Osmolality Testing System
  • Eye Lane Equipment
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
  • Slit Lamps
  • Ophthalmoscopes
  • Keratometer
  • Lensmeter
  • Pachymeter
  • Tonometers
  • Prisms
  • Trial Lens Frame & Set
  • Digital Acuity Systems
  • Manual and Digital Refraction Systems
  • Chairs and Stands
  • Electroretinography (ERG) and Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Vision Testing
  • Ophthalmic Lenses (Reusable and Single Use)


  • Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments
  • Ophthalmic Punctum plugs
  • Trephines
  • Surgical Instrument Trays
  • Surgical Procedure Packs
  • Cryosurgical Systems
  • Corneal Cross-Linking
  • Ophthalmic Biologics
  • Glaucoma Drainage Device
  • Ocular Sealant
  • Energy-Free Endocapsular Lens Fragmentation
  • Implantable Ophthalmic Devices / IOL

Wound Care

  • Ostomy
  • Pain Treatments
  • Surgical Solutions
  • Omega3 Fish Skin
  • Tissue Oxygenation Imaging

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